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Chiltern Hockey Club is a well established field hockey club based in Luton, with a rich history having been formed originally in 1922.

We are affiliated to England Hockey and operate a number of teams of differing abilities which compete in the 5 Counties Women's Hockey League. Since the club has been around a long time, there are also many older players, and Chiltern Hockey Club operate a number of "Vets" matches to keep everyone involved and playing the game they enjoy the most.

Matches are typically played on weekends using the facilities at the Luton Sixth Form College, but training is also provided for during the week at Luton Venue 360. During the summer months, outside of season, the club also operates summer training, with many activities to keep the club members entertained and fit.

Aside from the hockey, Chiltern Hockey Club also runs a healthy social calendar, with activities happening at various times throughout the year, including Quiz Nights, Race Nights, Bowling and meals out, to name but a few.

What's going on at Chiltern Hockey Club

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